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Dr. Artensie Flowers

Meet Dr. Art

Certified Life and Engagement Coach

Designated Jewel Maker

Hello, I am Dr. Artensie Flowers.  I am a certified Life Coach and “Jewel Maker.”  I specialize in helping women reflect and shine like the precious jewels they are.  


Beyond 45 Jewels, LLC (B45) is a life coaching and personal development company that uniquely utilizes jewelry as a tool to help women move forward.  The company’s mission is to help women utilize their own inner wisdom to make commitments to a life change they want to see in the next phase of their lives. 


Life coaching is about helping facilitate positive change for moving forward and living a fulfilled life.  My goal is to empower women to explore new ways of thinking to help achieve their life goals. The way forward will be based on powerful questions I ask and personal goals clients set for themselves. 


What I Specialize In

Gold Accessories

Individual Life Coaching

Group of Women

Group Coaching

Girls' Night Out

Empowerment Parties

Trendy Jewelry

Mantra Jewelry 

Motivational Speaker

Speaking Engagements

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Thank you for your service! We need people with specialties and passions to help us through all walks of life. I'm happy you found yours and are working to help others find theirs. I know my daughter has been enlightened and feels more empowered and focused now that she's worked with B45.”

- L.T.

"I have tears of joy in my eyes. These necklaces are beautiful. Simply beautiful. This so extremely thoughtful and heart-warming. What a beautiful finishing touch. You are a very classy woman and you always take things to the next level. My gratitude for meeting you and for your positivity is immense!"

- N.T.

Reflect and Shine Like the Precious Jewel You Are!


Let's Go Beyond

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